To all aviation enthusiasts!

Czechoslovakian aviation and its pioneers are worth to remember. We love to bring this knowledge of the past closer to the general public.

Touch a piece of history!

The Aero-145 and L-200 Morava aircrafts were used for irregular air transport and business trips. Especially in the Czechoslovakian Airlines as an air taxi, which provided Czechoslovak companies with flights for hire.

Experience the flight!

The twin-engine L-200 Morava, which was developed in 1950’s Czechoslovakia, is a real Rollce-Royce of Czechoslovakian aviation industry. Do not hesitate to get to PodhoÅ™any Airport and experience your flight experience. More…

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All the gains from our aviation activities are dedicated for the support of the historical aircrafts itselves. And to fund our project of the flight around the world! In the first journey, we are going to repeat flight of Mr. Andrle, with the Aero across the Sahara dessert. More…

Association of Historical Aircraft of the Czech Republic

We also help other operators and owners of historical aircrafts. Check out our website. More…