Around The World

As a first part of our journey around the world, we plan to repeat the route of Mr. Jan Andrle, the Chief Pilot of Aero, who conducted a non-stop overflight of the Sahara dessert. In the year of 1949 Marcel Joseph Riebel, the owner of a large textile factory in Mulhouse, France, bought the new Aero at the Paris Air Show. He was also an active aviator himself. The handover of the aircraft to this customer took place at Christmas 1949 in Toussu le Noble. The transfer pilot was none other than the already mentioned Aero Chief Pilot, Jan Andrle.

The new owner of Aero, was so impressed that he decided to test it on his commercial flight. He flew through Cassablanca further along the west coast of Africa to Douala, Cameroon. The return journey led through Benin, Niger, Mali and Algeria and directly across the Sahara.

On this round trip to Africa, Aerovka flew a total ammount of 18,500 km without any major problems within 2 months (January 24, 1950 to February 23, 1950), was 103 flight hours in the air and conducted 52 takeoffs and landings.

We firmly believe that all these achievements can be repeated with the same aircraft but with modern GPS navigation and the Internet. We are looking for sponsors and promoters for this event.