Let historickým letadlem Aero-145

Sightseeing flight in legendary twin-engine Aero-145


After take-off from the Podhořany airport, you will follow the ridge of Železné Hory mountrains. On the left you will see cement works Prachovice, natural reservoir Peklo near Kraskov and behind the hill will show up the ruin of Lichnice castle.

Next we will continue over the dam Seč with ruins of Oheb castle, during a summer the dam is full of boats. Than we will slip down the hill to Pařížov rezervoir and will continue to the beautiful palace Žleby.

In case you wish to modify the road to meet your satisfaction within the stated time it’s not a problem. To request a custom route of any duration don’t hesitate to contact us.

Product Description

Don’t miss the opportunity to see a word from the legendary Aero-145. We will take you on a route: Podhorany – remains of castle Lichnice – Prachovice – Kraskov – dam Sec – Parízov – castle Zleby – Zahusice deer-park-Podhorany
The flight is 20 minutes long and the aircrafts is for three passengers max.
More info about the aircfraft can be found on Aero-145.cz.

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